On July 22, 2019,,Kevin Zheng-The Holdwell Product Manager ,Byron Xu-The General manager of agricultural machinery group, and May Zhang,The Contact person with Customer,met with Alan  in Hangzhou Holdwell Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd.Which located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou to discuss the cooperation.

A few months ago, Alan planned to come to China to visit Holdwell, and finally arrived in China on July 21, 2019, and visited Hangzhou Holdwell Mechanical&Electrical Co., Ltd on the 22nd. His company has been doing engineering vehicle rental services before, and then planed to transform into the sales of accessories.When Alan made the rearch of the market in 2016,he contacted the Holdwell business salewoman May Zhang. In 2017, he began to learn more about the products Holdwell supply, and based on his Demand, issued an inquiry later.The first order was officially placed in early 2018.

During the visit, Alan visited the Holdwell warehouse and office,Alan had a one-and-a-half-hour meeting with Holdwell Kevin, Byron and May in the meeting room.Which helps Holdwell to know more about the Market. Holdwell also totally support our customer's development,and meet the needs as much as possible.

Apparently,the visit of Alan will promote cooperation between the two parties,Holdwell has always been committed to providing customers with the best quality replacement parts.