On Apr.6,2017, Mr.Ahmed and his lovely young daughter and his elegant wife from Saudi Arabia visited our company. Our director David, sales manager Byron and salesman Emma and Darcy treated his family. It definitely was an unforgettable visit for Mr.Ahmed family and us.

The visit should be traced back to the time that we picked them up at Hangzhou East High-speed railway Station on 1:40 pm. Mr.Ahmed lost his bag with his passport and laptop on the train. Then, we contacted railway customer-service worker to solve the problem. They said give us answer in 24 hours. We thought it was not a good idea to wait on the station then we decided to take his family to visit our company firstly after getting Mr.Ahmed permission.

After arriving at our company, the business conservation took 3 hours in our product display room among Mr.Ahmed and our sales manager - Byron and our boss-David. He placed an order with 865 pcs products including controllers fuel pumps, sensors, radiator and battery charger and prepared to cooperate with us in alternator, starter, actuator, filter, piston and crankshaft. Mr.Ahmed has 6 years experiences in the industry of alternators and controllers and also purchased products many times in China.

About 6pm, we had a nice dinner and learned more cultural customs about Saudi Arabia. His beautiful and lovely daughter-Alma definitely made the dinner become more memorable.

 After dinner, our manager byron sent them to Hangzhou East station and got their passport and laptop. They also began their next trip to Yiwu.

 It was a unforgettable day and we believe we will have a long-term corporation with Mr.Ahmed. Best wishes to our friends-Mr.Ahmed family.