In order to expand the overseas sales market and establish a multi-language market, and in order to deepen cooperation and understanding with customers in the South American market. Our company, Holdwell group, decided to travel to South America and conduct in-depth research on the market. Therefore, the main work of South American travel is to visit local market customers, establish better cooperation and business exchanges, explore more procurement needs of customers, and secondly investigate the volume and market information of the local market.

The first stop was in Peru, in the capital Lima, and we visited 6 customers in the aftermarket parts market for different equipment fields. From each customer, we learned the quality and customer feedback provided by their final customers. In addition, except for the products customers currently purchased from our company, we also found that the customer have more other potential needs, as well as understanding the customer's own plans and company planning, so as to find out where our company can support the customers.

The second stop was in Chile, in the capital Santiago, we visited 7 customers in different regions. Each customer was very enthusiastic. Due to the local culture, after the communication by face to face, the customer's trust can be effectively improved. Customers will also be more comfortable to carry out in-depth cooperation. At the same time, we also brought gifts and what we can support and the better services to every customer.

The third station is in Arequipa, Peru. There is a mining machinery exhibition in the local area, we wanted to find out whether there is a chance between the exhibition and the field in which our company is engaged, and whether there is an opportunity for cooperation between us and the exhibitors.

During the two-week inspection process, the South American market is a potential market, and there will be many trade opportunities in the process of economic development. We hope that our customers and us can be more intimate and effective in the following cooperation, and the cooperation will be more in-depth and extensive.