On November 22th to 26th, the Bauma China 2016 was held in Shanghai. Our company had attended this big exhibition for construction machinery industry as a supplier.

  At the booth number of W3.451, we showed our competitive products and advantages to the customers as one member of about 3,000 exhibiting companies who all are the leaders in their business area.


Newcomer in the exhibition, but not new in this market

This is our first time to attend the fair. As a newcomer, our company did much work to prepare, but we are not new in the market, the customers all have reported excellent results.

  Our general manager emphasized that we should show the products which are only made by us, so that will be more attractive for the clients. As for other conventional products, they were demonstrated by products list of us for showing the richness, diversity.

  Just because of this, many our regular customers visited us and placed new purchase order on the fair directly. And some new clients showed their surprising interest in our products, telling us they would do more business and want to cooperate with us in the future.

Having walked long way, but not enough for us 

  In the pasted 8 years, our company always worked hard to offer the great service and competitive parts to our clients, winning trust and good public praise.

  But after this exhibition, more new information from the leaders in our field and our customers was learned by us. Our company realized that what we do before is fairly not enough.

  In the coming years, our company team will focus on the newest products and real requirements of buyers. To meet the demand from the market must be the most important work our team will do.

  To be an influential company, Holdwell is always on the way.