Warranty Assistance

All Holdwell Brand replacement parts sold by Holdwell Group Limited are warranted to be free from defects in

material and manufacture when correctly installed and operated under normal use and conditions in a properly

serviced and maintained machine.


This warranty is valid for eighteen months from the date of shipment or twelve months from the date of placement

into service, whichever is the earlier. During this period Holdwell will, at its discretion, replace any parts which are

found upon its inspection to be defective in material or manufacture. Replacement parts will be provided to the

customer at a place of business of Holdwell or other establishment authorized by Holdwell. The Warranty does not

include labor to remove or replace parts.


Fitting of Holdwell parts must be in accordance with the latest version of the OEM workshop and installation manuals.

All lubricants, fuel and coolant used must be to the OEM specification.

Holdwell must be notified in writing by the customer of any Warranty claim. Holdwell reserves the right to examine every

item that is subject to a claim under this Warranty and the right to examine any associate parts of the engine/machine

plus any relevant documentation.

Parts that are subject to a claim under this Warranty must not be removed from the machine or returned to Holdwell until

Holdwell issues written authorization. Any parts authorized by Holdwell to be returned must be tagged with the Holdwell

Returns Reference (RR) Number that has been issued by the Holdwell claims department.

Holdwell does not warrant any of its parts that have been altered from the original specifications, misused, or damaged

by accident or negligence or where the engine specification has been changed from the OEM standard (eg. increased

power, non-standard fuel pump settings etc.).

This Warranty is provided solely to the direct customers of Holdwell, and not to any other party, and it is expressly in lieu

of any other warranties, express or implied. Holdwell expressly disclaims any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a

particular purpose. Remedies under this Warranty are expressly limited to replacement parts as specified above. All other

claims for loss arising out of the failure of any part are excluded, including claims for direct or indirect economic or moral

loss and special or consequential damages.

Any legal claims or procedures under this Warranty are to be adjudicated in the China under the Chinese law, and must

be filed, through a Chinese court.