Our Service

Holdwell Services Overview


At Holdwell Group, we provide a full range of series to customers that need a reliable supply of products from China.



We suppurt our customers at every stage through:

l   Product Development

l   Sourcing

l   Samples

l   Quality Control

l   Certifications

l   Packaging

l   Warehousing

l   Consolidation

l   Delivery

l   After Service



Innovations and Continuous Improvements


We are an innovative company, as we mae one third of the sales by completely new products.


The strategy of increasing innovativeness is based upon competent people, modern R&D equipment, globalization

of research and development, cooperated with educational and scientific institutions. New products and technologies

are results of cooperation and team work in an innovative process..


We wish to optimize the products and processes at the very stage of design and development, thus achieving lower

production costs and higher quality.